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10 Important Legal Documents To Check Before Buying A Plot

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Buying land in India involves several legal and administrative processes. To ensure a smooth transaction, it’s crucial to have the necessary documents in order. In this blog, we have covered the 10 important legal documents to check before buying a plot.

Legal Documents To Check Before Buying A Plot

Nowadays every person is interested in investing in plots & lands but is unaware of what are the documents to check before buying a plot. We have a solution for you. Here we have made a list of documents to verify before buying a plot. By reading all these important points you will be well aware of the documents that you should check before buying a plot.

Here are the Legal Documents To Check Before Buying A Plot:

1. Title Deed Verification:

This is one of the most important documents to check before buying a plot. The title deed contains records of the transfer of ownership of land. It should be in the name of the seller.

2. Order NA:

A non-agricultural order (NA) Order, also known as a Change of land use certificate, is a legal document issued by the local revenue authority  It signifies the change in the land’s designated use from agricultural to non-agricultural. This is a significant step because agricultural land often has different regulations and restrictions compared to non-agricultural land, so before buying land you need to check if it’s an Agricultural Land or Non-agricultural land. 

3. Basic Documents For Buying Land:

When engaging in a land transaction in India, it’s imperative to collect basic documents from the seller to establish their identity and financial credibility. Adhaar number, PAN number, passport, and income tax returns are documents that normally assist you in determining the identity of the seller. 

4. Search Report or Title Report / Encumbrance Certificate:

It is a document that confirms that the land is free from any monetary or legal liabilities. It is also known as a search report or title report and you can get it from the sub-registrar’s office.

 It is essential for establishing a clear title during property transactions. 

5. The Khata:

This legal document contains all the details about the property like- owner details, property size, location, property identification number, and carpet area. Khata certificate is important for the registration of the new plot. Also, this is proof that the land is registered in the local municipal records.

6. Property tax receipts:

This document can be obtained from municipal corporations.  It contains all the tax details paid by the landowner. Make sure that there is no due left and verify the property’s legality. This is also one of the most important documents to check before buying a plot.

7. NOC from Government Departments:

When applying for a No Objection Certificate (NOC), certain documents are essential to facilitate the process smoothly.

Required Documents for Obtaining a No Objection Certificate (NOC): 

  • Court Fee-  Payment receipt for the applicable court fee.
  • Photographs- Passport-sized photographs of both the buyer and seller.
  • Declaration of Consideration- A document stating the agreed-upon value of the property, especially in the case of a flat, detailing both the flat area and the apportionment of land value
  • Up-to-date Revenue Receipt – Proof of payment for the property taxes or revenue dues.
  • Citizenship Proof of Purchaser- Certified copy of voter list, passport, or any other valid document confirming the citizenship of the buyer.
  • Land Patta or land title- If available, the land title document proving the ownership.
  • Power of Attorney Holder: Legal documents affirming the identities and intent of the parties involved in the transaction.
  • Power of Attorney Copy- If the seller is represented by an Attorney Holder, a copy of the Power of Attorney document.
  • Affidavit by Pattadar in Favor of POA Holder- If applicable, a sworn statement by the landowner (Pattadar) supporting the Power of Attorney holder.
  • Authority/NOC from Co-partner- If the property involves multiple owners or partners, a No Objection Certificate from the co-partners.
  • NOC from Co-pattadar- A No Objection Certificate from the co-landowner or co-pattadar, if applicable.
  • GMC/GMDA/Municipality/Town Committee Receipt/Occupancy Certificate: Proof of approval or occupancy from the local municipal or town authorities, especially in the case of a flat.

8. Allotment Letter:

This is another important documents to check before buying a plot. Here a builder issues the allotment letter to a purchaser. It contains details like the size of the property, sale, payment options, maintenance charges, and the total amount due to the builder. 

If you’re the first purchaser then you can get it from the builder, otherwise you can ask the seller for a copy of the original letter.

9. Power of attorney:

Power of attorney is a legal document that allows a person to appoint another person on behalf of his to maintain his legal works related to property. One should carefully draft this legal documentation, especially if you want a trustworthy person to manage your property.

10. Payment of Receipt:

A receipt of purchase or payment receipt is a document that signifies that the seller has received the payment for the land. This is a documented proof of the transfer of property from the seller to the purchaser. You have to keep a copy of this receipt with you. 

Buying land in India necessitates a vigilant focus on details and strict adherence to legal procedures. By following this comprehensive document checklist, you can navigate the detailed process with confidence. Always Remember, that conducting thorough research and seeking professional guidance are invaluable steps toward making a secure and fruitful investment.

We hope that this blog helps you to understand the 10 Important Legal Documents To Check Before Buying A Plot. If you have any queries related to buying & selling of land you can contact square foot investors.


How do I verify the authenticity of property documents? 

Engage a qualified legal expert. They will conduct a thorough title search, ensuring the documents are legitimate and free from encumbrances. 

What is the role of a real estate agent in land purchase?

A skilled real estate agent provides invaluable insights, negotiates deals, and navigates legal procedures. Choose an agent with a proven track record and local expertise for a successful land acquisition journey. 

How can I obtain the documents listed in the Document Checklist? 

You can obtain the necessary documents by asking relevant authorities, such as land registry offices, environmental agencies, and local municipal bodies. Hiring a qualified real estate agent or lawyer can also simplify the land-buying process, as they have expertise in this field.

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